Tiramisu - not for vegans, unless specially made with substitutes!

Vegan Desserts – Are They Any Good?

When you’re looking for vegan desserts, you’re looking for something that doesn’t use eggs, which eliminates baked goods.  You can’t have chocolate because of the dairy, so there goes about half of your options.  And if you’re really strict, there’s no honey for you either.  Overall, you’re missing out on a decent selection of goodies. [...]

Keeping Strong

Keeping Strong

18 months into the whole vegetarian “thing,” and it’s still the best decision that I’ve ever made. I’ve found that going back to the original resources that helped me make the switch, including books and movies, combined with the occasional new documentary on the power of plants (or whatever you want to call it), is [...]

It's both beautiful and tasty!  Plus, you'll score points with guests for being daring enough to cook a risotto.

[RECIPE] Sweet Potato Ginger Risotto

Cooking a risotto can seem daunting to new chefs.  It’s like cooking a delicate pasta which requires more attention (good risottos require you to stir almost continuously during the cooking process).  But once you’ve mastered the method, you will have opened yourself to an exciting realm of tasty dishes! Sweet potatoes rank high up their [...]

Grapefruit, mangoes and bananas are some of my favorites!

Eating Fresh Fruit for Your Health

There’s a lot of discussion going on out there about raw food diets.  But, if we’re being honest, most folks (myself included) like to cook their vegetables in some fashion – nothing quite whets my appetite like the smell of onions being sautéed in a some red wine. However, fruits are on the other end of the [...]

These easy to make burritos are like little batteries for your system - you'll recharge quickly for whatever the day has in store!

[RECIPE] Energizer Burritos with Homemade Guacamole

These powerhouses will fill you up, but you’ll feel much more energized than you would with your average pork-filled Chipotle-esque monstrosity.  I’ve prepped these bad boys in the morning before a long run, and it kept me going for many miles.  It also makes for a great lunch if you’re not sure when you’ll be [...]

Those cubes are Flax Tempeh sautéed with red pepper and yellow onion.  Don't let the shape put you off - it's very tasty!

Start Cooking with Tempeh Today!

What?  You haven’t heard about tempeh?  That’s alright.  I didn’t know much about it until a few months ago.  I’m fairly certain my wife mentioned it – not sure how she knew about it, but I know she’s not a fan of tofu and so was looking for an alternative.  So it was in the [...]

Shells aren't my favorite, but sweet potatoes make everything better!

[RECIPE] Sweet Potato-ed Pasta!

I’m afraid that science has not yet given us the wonder of the sweet potato noodle.  However, even without that extraordinary advancement, you can still enjoy sweet potato and pasta together!  As a matter of fact, they make for great companions – even if you aren’t a big fan of serving two starches/staples at a [...]

It certainly sounds interesting, right?

[REVIEW] Robert Rothschild Farm Cranberry Pomegranate Mustard

Cranberry and pomegranate jelly/jam?  ”Delicious.”  Cranberry and pomegranate mustard?  ”Woah now buddy, slow down with your craziness.” Those were my thoughts were I first saw Robert Rothschild Farm Cranberry Pomegranate Mustard on the shelves at Whole Foods.  However, being the person who has been known to indulge in unusual combinations (jelly and mayo anyone?), I [...]

Cooking with Portobello Mushrooms

Cooking with Portobello Mushrooms

Goodbye meat, hello mushrooms!  Mushrooms are often referenced as the best option to replace some of your favorite meat options – most often hamburgers.  You’ll be told that they have a similar texture and offer some chew.  Let me be honest with you: Nope.  The texture shouldn’t qualify as similar and the flavor is very [...]

The Vegetarian's Guide to Eating Out at Restaurants

The Vegetarian’s Guide to Eating Out at Restaurants

One of the trickiest tasks for the newly minted vegetarian is the few times eating out at restaurants.  There are a number of extra factors that can complicate what used to be a nice, simple meal for them.  But vegetarians, take heart!  I am offering up some words of wisdom straight out of my first [...]

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